Christmas Cafe Lattes

I've written an update to this post that shows another way to make these cookies
and an easy gift card bag topper!


      I love just about everything about coffee.  I love the smell and all the shiny accessories.  I LOVE all the cups and saucers. About the only thing I don't love about coffee is the taste. Heh.  I can get on board with a cup of coffee and a cookie though.  And coffee cup shaped cookies; even better!

These are really simple to make.  To cut a tall cup you can use any cupcake cutter and then cut the sides a little longer with a knife.    To cut a latte with a lid, trim the tiny point off the top. 
If you have mini cutters you can use them to gently impress the shape into the dough before the cookie is baked.  You'll have an easy guide to follow for piping!


  1. These are adorable! I love coffee!

  2. What a creative and easy way to make the tops of the cups! I can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are very cute! What did you use to make the top for the coffee cup lid instead of the cupcake swirl?

    1. The flat lid is made with the same cupcake cutter and I just cut off the top swirly piece.


  4. I've never modified a cutter this way. Is there a technique so that the upper portion cuts out fully without cutting through the portion thst you are extending?


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