Friday, November 21

100 Animal Cookies Book Giveaway

     I can't imagine anyone reading my blog doesn't know of the fantastic cookie artist Lisa Snyder from The Bearfoot Baker.  If somehow you've arrived here from a strange alternate dimension you must go now and check out all her amazing work!  I've been a huge fan of Lisa's since I started my own cookie journey. I love all the cute and silly critters she turn into cookies on a regular basis. 
     Lisa recently had her very own book published, 100 Animal Cookies: A Super Cute Menagerie to Decorate Step-by-Step, and it is filled with cute and colorful cookie designs that are sure to make you smile. 
    When I saw the design for Lisa's bear in a sleeping bag cookie I had to make one for myself.  Seriously, I think this is the cutest cookie I have ever made!
     Lisa's book would be a great Christmas gift for any of your cookie loving friends.  To win a copy right here just leave me a comment telling me your favorite cookie animal to decorate.  Please make sure your comment is linked to your contact info or post your email so I can find you!  I'll leave the giveaway open until Friday, Nov 28th and pick the winner by random number. 

Thursday, October 23

Quick and Easy Fall Birds Cookie Tutorial

     These days I am all about quick and easy cookies and I think these birds are just the thing.  I may not get around to making Halloween cookies this year but I used a Halloween cookie cutter to make these little guys and that's kind of the same thing, right?

    I found this little ghost cutter with the Halloween things at Michael's Arts and Crafts a couple of weeks ago. As ghosts go I thought it was a bit strange but I quickly saw that it would make a great bird.  Either those little points are supposed to be the ghosts hands or he is wearing a pirate hat.   Regardless, trim one side off and you have a simple bird.   I particularly like that you can make birds with turned heads from the same cutter!

  1. I started by using a small spatula to scrape on some thick white royal icing for the bird's belly.  The thick icing will rather quickly and I think the texture adds some interest.
  2. After the belly has dried for a few minutes outline the bird's body in whatever color you like. 
  3. Flood-fill the outline.
  4. Allow the flood icing to dry for several hours before adding beaks and a few simple details.
That's all there is to it. Throw in some simple leaves and flowers and you have a cute and easy fall platter!

      I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Friday, September 19

Introducing Cookie Stencils by Klickitat Street

     This post has been in the works for a long time.   Like a "loooooooong time" as in months and months.   Some family health issues have kept me away from my blog for a while but I'm so happy you've all stayed with me because today I'm announcing an addition to my Etsy shop; cookie stencils!

     Stencils are such a fun and easy way to add extra interest to cookies.  When I first saw them popping up in the cookie-sphere I thought, "I have to do that!"  I've taken special thought in making stencils that would work well for cookie decorating as well as other small crafts like card making  and scrap booking. The overall size of my stencils is about 8.5 x 5.5 with a design area of 5 x 6" so they can also be used to embellish 4 x 6 photos and Project Life cards.  The stencils have wide handles on the sides for easier positioning and lifting and are made from durable, washable plastic that is 7 mil thick (the stencils are clear plastic and any color in the images is just to help with taking photos)
     Most designs are available as a  5.5" square upon request if you prefer to store your stencils all together in a 6" binder.

     I've started out with a few Halloween designs in my Etsy store today so stop by sometime and have a look.  There will be lots more coming every week as well as tutorials and other fun things. 

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, April 15

Royal Babies Cookie Tutorial

     Today's post is especially fun because several cookie artists decided to have a virtual baby shower for two of my favorite cookiers and I get to be a part of it!  Both Georganne from LilaLoa and Callye from SweetSugarBelle recently had baby girls on the same day if you can believe it.  Since both of these fabulous cookie gurus are "cookie queens" their little girls are sure to be cookie princesses.
     I wanted to bring a little inspiration from both artists for this set and when I think of Georganne and Callye's cookie styles I think creative cutter re-purposing, bold color and a touch of silliness.

    I used a basic carrot cookie cutter to make my baby Princess cookies. The carrot turned out to be the perfect shape for the crown and the swaddled baby and if you don't happen to have a carrot cutter this is just the right time of year to find one.  My carrot cutters were both a little long so I simply trimmed the point off the carrot before baking. 

  1. Start by filling the face shape in flesh-toned royal icing.  If you feel you need a guide to get the head the right shape and size then make a paper template and trace the head onto your cookie first.
  2. Allow the face to dry for a little bit and then add the blanket in sections letting each section dry for  a couple minutes before you add the next.
  3. Add the crown in gold royal icing and let the cookies dry for several hours or overnight.

     Once the base has dried add a few piping details to bring the cookies to life.  That's all there is to making the Princess cookies, not too difficult right?  Of course every royal baby also needs a throne.  Callye has designed some of her own cookie cutters and I used her bus cookie cutter to make the thrones. 

To make the throne cookies:
  1. Start by piping the sections of the throne
  2. Then fill one section at a time allowing each one to dry for a few minutes before filling the next to create dimension between the "cushions".
  3. Allow the cushion sections to dry for a while and then add the arm rests and feet in gold royal icing.  Let the cookies dry for several hours or overnight.
  4. Finish up the thrones with a few simple piping details.

    Be sure to check out all the royal cuteness these other fantastic cookie artist made for the virtual baby shower.  They are so sweet I almost can't stand it!

    1. Sweet Ambs

    2. Jill FCS

    3. The Decorated Cookie

    4. Klickitat Street

    5. Semi Sweet

    6. Simply Sweets by Honey Bee

    7. Make Me Cake Me

    8. Haniela's

    9. Montreal Confections

    10. The Partiologist

    11. Munchkin Munchies

    12. The Cookie Puzzle

    13. De-Koekenbakkers

    14. Chapix Cookies

    15.Ali Bee's Bakeshop

          I'd like to give a big Congratulations to both Callye and Georganne on the births of their sweet little girls and thank everyone else for stopping by!

    Thursday, January 30

    Love Birds Valentine Cookie Tutorial

         Valentine's Day is right around the corner but I think I'm still recovering from Christmas cookies!  Thankfully these cute lovebirds were just the ticket to get me working again. If you need a quick cookie pick me up these little guys are super easy and cut from a common cookie cutter too! 

         I used a basic mustache cutter to cut the love bird cookies.  Specifically, I used the mustache cutter from this 3 pc cookie cutter set by Wilton but most any mustache cutter will work just fine. You can cut single birds with your  mustache cutter as well by using a moon cutter or my half circle trick to trim the mustache shape before baking.

         To decorate the love birds;
    1. Start by outlining and filling one of the birds in royal icing and let dry for 30 minutes or so.  
    2. Once the first bird has set up a bit, outline and fill the other bird.
    3. Let the birds dry for several hours before adding a few simple piping details.

         Most cookies come together in the detail step and as you can see these little guys are no exception.  I used the lip cookie cutter from the same set as the mustache and a flying heart from this Valentine cookie cutter set to make bigger cookies with a little more flair.   I think the I heart U birds may just be my favorite of the bunch, but unfortunately I don't know where to buy that cutter any longer. 

       Toss in a few whimsical flowers and hearts to round out a super cute and happy Valentine platter! 

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         I hope you enjoy these little guys and thanks for stopping by!

    Wednesday, December 18

    Kissy Elves Christmas Cookie Tutorial

         Yesterday, the fabulously sweet Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle had me as a guest on her blog to do a tutorial for mistletoe cookies.  When she asked me if I would make them I instantly said yes of course and then almost as fast I thought you can't have mistletoe without kissy elves!

           For these cookies I pieced together a Santa face cookie cutter and a little snowman for Mrs Claus and then I used an ice cream cone cookie cutter for the elves.  I had thought about having the characters both face each other to kiss but I was worried that seam between the cookies would just be too fragile.  Now I think they are cuter this way though because you can easily add different expressions to the elf getting kissed! 

          To piece the cookies together first cut both shapes together to get a feel for where they overlap and then cut one of the shapes again by itself.  Remove all the excess dough and attach the partial shape to the whole one on the cookie sheet for baking.  The elf cookies were pieced the same way as Santa and Mrs Claus here. After the elf shapes were joined together on the baking sheet I gently curled the points of the cones to make curly elf hats.

    To decorate these cookies;
    1.  Start by outlining the turned kissing face in flesh toned icing.  The trickiest element in the entire cookie is getting the turned face drawn correctly so if you  need to cut a template or use a KopyKake then that is perfectly okay.  I often use my iPad and the Camera Lucida app to lay in a few shapes like this just to get started. 
    2. Let the outline set up just a little but not dry and flood fill the face shape.  (I forgot to photograph that step so if it looks a little odd that's because I did it with the computer)
    3. Wait a few minutes for the icing to dry and then add the shapes that sit next to the faces.

    1. Let the faces dry a bit before adding the hat bands, Mrs Claus bun and a few leaves for the flower in her hair. 
    2. Continue on working in pieces until all the base shapes are done.
    3. Let the base dry for several hours before adding the final piping details.
        Once you break it all down cookies like this are actually fairly simple to decorate.  You can work on them all at once or in little bursts throughout the day whenever you have a minute or two.  

          Thank you for stopping by today.  If you haven't read my tutorial for the mistletoe cookies at Sweet Sugarbelle's be sure to go check it out as they are a darling accent to this cookie platter.

         I hope you are having a Merry Christmas season so far!