Chubby Santa Bellies

I must say I love the Santa-Belly design trend.  It's so simple and instantly recognizable.  Put a belt on an ornament, a snow globe, a dog sweater, and Viola!  Instant jolly.

I made some Christmas mini cookies last week as part of a gift and I knew I wanted to include the Santa belly.  But I also wanted to add some dimension so the cookies would be "chubby".  I've seen dimension done with cookies using fondant, and while I like a thin layer of fondant as icing well enough, I'm not crazy about using it as thick pieces. So...

...instead I used a sugar cookie truffle to form the belly.  You could use cake balls too I'm sure, but I had sugar cookies on hand already!
    I dipped it all in a thick red flood icing and let it dry before finishing it off with the details. It worked pretty well.  Until the red icing overflowed the sides while they were drying.  So I had to trim off the excess and they didn't look "perfect" but they were still cute and tasty! 


  1. LOVE this! :) I like that you were bold enough to try it without knowing for sure how it would turn out. Such a cute idea...


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