Retro Christmas Space Men

   A little while ago I was looking at a snowman cutter upside down and saw a bunch of little girls in it.  Of course I had to go on a hunt and check all my snowmen.   Now this little fellow here could become a little girl in a pinch (maybe if she were wearing a large hat) but clearly he's an alien riding around in a little ship.
   I didn't get to make too many cookies at Christmas plus I bought cutters at after Christmas sales and what, I'm going to wait a whole year to use them?  I don't think so.  I had to make a whole space set to go with my little alien.  You wouldn't have to use just Christmas cutters of course, but they turned out to be the best choices anyway!

Here we go;
 Gingerbread Man Astronaut

Reindeer Astro-Dog

Stocking Ray Gun

Snowman Robots

Christmas Tree Space Ship

Bell and Snowman Aliens

There are a lot of colors and other things going on here so I tried to make it all as simple as it could be.  I made only one piping icing in dark brown to do all the outlining and then flooded with the colors.  I made the colors a bit "retro" by adding a small amount of copper food coloring to each color.  It worked really well in muting the colors.

I had so much fun with this set, I hope you like them too!


  1. WOW what a great eye you had for this set!!!! LOVE the cookies!

  2. These cookies are awesome!!! You've got quite the knack there with the cookie cutters.

  3. oh!!! i love them!! directly to pinterest!!

  4. Wow!! Thats some good thinking!!

  5. This is the most impressive and original use of cookie cutters I've ever seen! Wonderful work!!!

  6. These are so adorable! your so creative!

  7. This set is amazing - so inspiring. I love love love the spaceship!

  8. YOU are SO clever and SO skilled. I can't even bake the cookies let alone ice them so spectacularly but I enjoyed dropping by all the same! Hugs, Lesley

  9. You are a genius.


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