Wild About You - Valentine's Cookies (part 2)

    Continuing on from yesterday's post I have some more Valentine's Day animal cookies for you!  Like last time, all these cookies were cut using only heart shaped cookie cutters and then pieced together before baking.  Be sure to visit part 1 for a few tips on piecing the cut dough together.

     I think this zebra is my favorite from the entire set!   He would have stood out better if I had put him on a pink background but I love him anyway.

     I tried two different shapes for these swinging  monkey cookies.  The teal monkey is pieced from 2 heart cutters and the pink one was made with a third smaller heart to make a space for the tail. The "all-hearts" design is is more obvious in the teal monkey but I think the pink monkey is cuter!  Plus, the pink monkey is probably a stronger cookie since the third heart makes it thicker where all the pieces come together.

This snake cookie was made from a double heart cutter but you could join two small hearts together. 

     And that's the last of them!  Looking at this post of course I realize I need a giraffe...and an elephant...and a toucan!   There's always next time, right?!
     I hope you enjoyed these guys. I know I did.  If you happen to make some cookies like this I'd love to see them. You can share them on my Facebook wall!


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  2. Impresionante. Felicidades por tu magnifica creatividad.

  3. You are very creative love your work, could you check you FB link I tried it and no luck. Have a great day! Marlyn

    1. Thank you Marlyn!
      I think the Facebook link is working now but just in case here it is directly;


  4. These cookies are AMAZING! Not only is the "inking" fantastic - the fact that they're all animal-themed and so adorable wins my vote for the best Valentine's cookies. ^^

  5. I've just discovered your blog and am over the moon - your cookies are FABULOUS!

  6. Hey....so cool how we both paint and we both love making decorative cookies (and coffee too!)!

    I read every post...such creativity and I enjoy seeing your sketches too! Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Wow! I love these!! How did you get the sketches onto the cookie? Do you free hand your designs or do you have a transfer technique that you would recommend?


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