Cupid Cookies

   I had originally planned to post cupid cookies last week but my first go around with these little guys had major problems with icing craters.  I think I've mostly figured out what to do about those pesky craters and I'll try to put a post together on that soon.  Still, I really wanted to show these guys so I did them over.  Yay, no craters!

I used a tulip cookie cutter to cut the cookies because tulips are bumpy on one end and pointy on the other, just like cupids!   I could have put them on hearts of course, or even just circles, but I like to play around with my shapes.
For all the designs I used "20 second" royal icing to both outline and fill the cookies.  I only needed 4 decorating bags, yay!
A little edible gold glitter or luster dust might have made the harps pop here, but I wanted to keep it simple.  (plus I don't own any luster dust, heh)
I cut the "stem" of the tulip shape a little wider for the legs of the standing cupid.  I love his chubby knees! 
All the little details of the face and the diaper pins were painted on with food coloring and a teeny-tiny brush.

   For these flying heart cookies I borrowed a page from SweetSugarBelle and piced together two hearts before baking.   A very easy idea and I always like to throw in a few accessory cookies with the major designs.
   I'm sorry I don't have much in the way of a tutorial for these guys. Basically I started by outlining the designs in 20 second icing.  I then filled alternate areas allowing each area to dry a couple minutes before I filled the area next to them so they wouldn't flow together. I waited a couple hours for the bodies to dry before I put the arms on them.  After everything dried overnight I finished them off with some piping details.
   I will try to start putting together better tutorials, but I don't have good lighting in my kitchen so I have to figure something out there first.  Plus, I get so into what I'm doing I forget to stop and take pictures!

These were a lot of fun, I hope you like them too!


  1. These are the cutest little Cupids! I've been shot!

  2. You are so very inspiring and talented! I guessed that they were cupid cookies on your FB sneak peek preview! :) I would LOVE to try making these out of clay to wear!

  3. They are so cute!. Congratulations! Great job!

  4. These are SOOO cute - I love them! The details are amazing. They're too good to eat.

  5. Now these are how cupid cookies SHOULD BE!!! ADORE!!!

  6. Unbelievable. Totally unbelievable. And absolutely wonderful.

  7. Your cookies are so cute! I have to admit, I made some of the "heart with wings" - but they are easy compared to your cupids! Nice use of the tulip cutter!

  8. So adorable, and thanks for sharing the how-to's.

  9. LOVE... when I first saw the flying heart I thought you used a moustache cutter. so cute!


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