Easy Firework Cookies

  Earlier this week I posted rocket cookies that were made using a basic star cutter and I figured I'd show you how to make the fireworks too.  The rockets are a little more time consuming but the fireworks are super easy and both can be cut from the same cutter!  Yes, the fireworks were also cut from a star...can you see it?

What you'll need to make firework cookies;
  • star or sunburst cookie cutters
  • 15 count royal icing in red, white, blue, yellow and a dark midnight blue for the base. 
      You can cut these cookies from a basic star cutter (which I did) or use a sunburst cutter.  Either way they come out the same in the end.  I like using the star cutters because I have them in many different sizes. 

  • To start, cut the dough with the star cutter.  Then rotate the cutter, center it, and cut again. 
  • Remove all the outer pieces of dough and the remaining center will be a sunburst!
To decorate the cookies;
  • Outline and fill the cookies with midnight blue icing and allow the base to dry for several hours or overnight.
  • Choose a spot that will be the center of the firework burst and pipe gentle curves to the outer points of the cookie. 
  • Finish the cookies by piping little stars here and there.  If you are uncomfortable piping the stars directly on the cookie you can pipe them on wax paper and let them dry.  Then you can choose the best stars and "glue" them to the cookie with a dot of icing. 

That's all there is to it!  The firework cookies look great on their own or make fun accents to other 4th of July cookies. You can visit this post for a tutorial on making the firework rockets.

  I know a lot of people will be starting the Holiday early today.  Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love the technique and the cookies!

  2. These are perfect!! We have a massive wildfire going on right now and I was thinking about making some cookies for 4th of July raise some money for the relief efforts. What better cookie to make, since fireworks are obviously banned right now! :-) Thank you!!

    1. Kristen, that would be wonderful! I was born and raised in Colorado and it makes me very happy to know you can use my cookie designs to help out with the fire relief there!

  3. Oh please, please! Which program did you use for the digital versions of your cookies?? I would love to be able to do that with my preschoolers' photos! Needless to say, your cookies are GORGEOUS!! A real standout! You are a superstar!! Love!!

    1. Hey there,
      The "digital cookies" from the Firework Rocket post were drawn in Photoshop with the shape tool.



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