Silly Pumpkin Faces with Royal Icing Transfers

    Halloween is right around the corner....

     Hehe, it has a way of sneaking up on you doesn't it?   When you want to make fresh and tasty holiday cookies you have to do all that work in the midst of the holiday craziness but there is a simple trick for doing a lot of  your decorating well in advance by using royal icing transfers.  Icing transfers are made using the same royal icing you decorate cookies with except you pipe and fill on wax paper or parchment paper and then let them dry.  The dried transfers will keep for a long time and you can make your cookies fresh when you want them and decorate them in a flash with your pre-made icing decorations. 

     Icing transfers are also a much less stressful way of decorating because there is really more tracing then drawing involved and you don't have to hold your breath and pipe directly on your cookies.  Plus, sometimes pesky little air bubbles and craters mess up your work, but they don't seem to be as big of a problem when making transfers. 

To get started you will need drawings or clip art of funny faces for your pumpkins.  Stickers are a good source of pumpkin faces too.  Or you can use the faces I drew, I won't mind!

     Click on the images to view and save them at full size.   I used the Wilton comfort-grip pumpkin cutter for my cookies and the drawings should print at the right size for that cutter. 
    Tape your drawing down to a cookie sheet or a smooth board under a piece of parchment paper.   You will easily be able to see your design through the paper and then it's just a matter of filling in each section. 

   You can either outline all in black and then fill everything in or do a section at a time letting them dry a bit in between.  Using the black outline is a little faster but I prefer to work without the outline.  I like the texture and dimension of the puffy icing and I also worry about bleeding issues with the black icing.  Whichever approach you choose allow the transfers to dry for a couple of days and then  "glue" them to the cookie with small dots of icing. 

     The transfers will keep for a long, long time so if you are going to wait to use them be sure to put them away in a safe dry place and make extras in case any crack.
      It is the small finishing details that really make cookies like this come to life.  Add the thin details like eyebrows and expression lines directly to the cookie.  And don't forget little whites in the pupils of the eyes!  It makes a huge difference.

     Of course you aren't confined to just orange pumpkins!

     And now for something REALLY cool!  A few weeks ago the fantastic Callye of Sweet Sugar Belle approached some cookie friends with a challenge of doing something creative with a basic pumpkin cookie cutter.  The faces I made are just one of over 20 more pumpkin projects!  Be sure to visit all the blogs to see these awesome projects up close!

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  1. The expressions on these are hilarious!! They are all awesome, but I especially love the first one. My husband and I go a little crazy with Halloween decorations and it is all spider themed :)

  2. All the faces are adorable. Cute, cute, cute. :) I enjoyed doing this pumpkin cookie project with you. ♥

  3. I love royal icing transfers! They make life so much easier! Your faces are incredibly fun and I can't wait to use them. Love your picture of the pumpkin face on the web! LOVE IT!!

  4. These are quite an awesome group of SILLY pumpkins!! LOVE THEM. Super excited to be included with some amazing, talented bloggers like YOU

  5. Love all the variety of cute, funny faces on your pumpkins! I REALLY need to try the transfers! Such a great idea, and time saver!

  6. these are brilliant, so adorable! my daughter laughed when I showed her them. high praise indeed!

  7. Oh my goodness these are so cute and fun! So glad to have been a part of this project with you.

  8. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! These faces are so amazing.... or whatever word means better than amazing!! You're incredible!!!

  9. PS -- Did you pipe a web on that plate for the photo?! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you did that!!!!!

  10. Wow, this is true art! Comic art, no less. Beyond incredible. Frank and the ghostly pumpkin are my faves :)

  11. These are so fun. I agree with Georganne about the web, so clever!

  12. These are so fun and creative! I love all the different expressions! Super cool spiderweb effect on the plate too!

  13. Just found your blog via do amazing work. Love all the details and these pumpkin faces are adorable. My daughter just asked me to make pumpkins for my granddaughter's preschool...since you offered, I may just have to use some of your faces! Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Just found your blog from Georganne (LilaLoa). You make some amazingly spectacular cookies! I love that you have an eye for using different cutters than what they were intended for, and your designs are beautiful! I have been baking for under a year too.

    I tried to do some RI transfers for some cookies I made in April for my daughters birthday. The transfers themselves went well but everything ended up against me. The 1st set, I forgot to put shortening on the acetata. The 2nd set, I upon drying I put them in the oven with just the light and fan on, then someone cooked using the oven taking them out and putting them back into still a 'warmish' oven = ruined. Gah! But I will try to do some more again soon when the world is back on my side, lol.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  15. Wow, they turned out really nice! Happy Halloween! ��

  16. Love the ideia Halloween cooks were can I get the stencil is good job

  17. pumpkin spice latte brownies is light diet. its picture looking so amazing. my family love this.

  18. LOVE these, Lisa. They are just too perfect for fall! ��

  19. You are amazing!!! I love the all. And I love the idea of buying one cutter with many uses.

  20. Incredibly cute these!!!


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