Coca-Cola Polar Bear Cookie Tutorial

     I love the series of commercials that Coca-Cola plays at the holiday season every year of polar bears getting ready for Christmas.  They are so cute I had to make them into cookies!   I had decided that I wasn't going to post Christmas cookies before Thanksgiving and these don't count!   I'm sure the polar bears are up there drinking Coke year round.

decorated Christmas Cookies of Coke Polar Bears

To make these cookies you will need:
  • the sitting bear cookie cutter from the Wilton Baby Theme Cookie Cutter Set
  • white royal icing in a stiff piping consistency, a 15-20 count consistency, and a thinner flood consistency. 
  • black and red 15-20 count royal icing.
  • I made royal icing transfers for the Coca-Cola bottle and the red ball but cola flavored gummy candies are just the right size too!
step by step tutorial of decorated Coca-Cola Polar Bear Cookies

  • For steps 1 and 2 outline the head and body of the polar bear with piping icing and flood.
  • When the base has dried for several hours add the ears and muzzle in 20 count royal icing and let the cookies dry overnight.  
  • Use a dot of icing to attach a dried Cola bottle icing transfer or gummi candy to the belly of the bear.  Outline the head, body, arms and feet in a sloppy jagged line with the stiff royal icing to create a "furry" edge. You can use a toothpick to pull some of the lines into little points here and there to add to the texture.
  • Finish the cookies by adding face details in black royal icing and add the pads to the feet in 20 count icing.  
My initial idea was to dust the pads of the feet with pink petal dust once they were dry but I wasn't sure I liked the effect so I didn't add it to all the cookies.  Which do you like better the pink feet or the white?

step by step tutorial of decorated Coca-Cola Polar Bear Face Cookies

 I used the same general process as above to make the bear faces.  I cut the faces using a standing bear cookie cutter from the Wilton 101 Cookie Cutter Set. I then either trimmed the head with a round cookie cutter for some of the bear faces or hand cut the scarf for the others.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Christmas Cookies

These were such a fun set to make!  We're really starting to get into the swing of the holiday season and I hope you are enjoying it!

platter of decorated Christmas Coca-Cola Polar Bear Cookies

(As a side note;  the Coca-Cola polar bears, the famous green bottle and the wave logo are trademarked by the Coca-Cola bottling company. You should only make these cookies for fun and to share with your friends and family!)


  1. these are so adorable. You gave me an idea for some cookie for a friend of mine, they are huge collectors of Coco Cola vintage stuff. Wonderful collection.

  2. I love all things bears and this is at the top of my list! I LOVE each one of them!! Super cute Sarah!!!

  3. What a beautiful and fun set! Thanks for sharing, Sarah! :)

  4. These are so incredibly cute! I so wouldn't want to destroy these by devouring them! I love the coca cola polar bear ads too. Thanks for sharing, Sarah.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  5. They are fantastic! So creative and so cute!

  6. I love this set! And you are so good at great directions!!

  7. Hello, I love your blog, and those bears are very nice. I stay hear to follow you,and I invite you to visit my blog:

  8. These are so darned cute!! Thank you for showing us how to recreate them:) --Katy

  9. Once again I am amazed at the creativity shared by you and so many other talented cookiers via your blogs. I'm a novice and you provide such inspiration.
    Thanks for caring enough to share with us.

  10. Oh, these are so cute and it is so nice of you to do this! Precious designs and I love your photography too!

  11. These are absolutely precious!!!!

  12. I collect coke items! i'm so excited to make these. Thanks for sharing


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