Boldly Go and May the Fourth Be with You!

     May 4th is a favorite "holiday" of Star Wars fans because of the punny goodness of  saying "May the Fourth be with You!" Last year several of the cookie artists I stalk on the internet were posting their Star Wars cookies and I didn't have any so I had to step it up this year.  While it isn't quite the fourth yet these aren't quite Star Wars cookies either!

     The next installment of the Star Trek movie reboot series is coming out in a couple of weeks and I for one am looking forward to it because the first one was so good!  Writer/director J.J.Abrams did a great job of taking the series in a new direction while still preserving the original series.  So much so that Disney went and hired him to direct the new Star Wars trilogy coming in 2015!  Woot!  I figured that deserved a Star Trek/Star Wars cookie mashup!.  The design for the characters came from these super cute cartoon versions of the Star Trek guys called Quogs and then I gave them the Star Wars treatment.  It was kind of surprising how well both casts melded together.

     Spock as Obi-Wan Kenobi is a no-brainer.  In the Star Trek reboot Chekov is a wunderkind so he gets to be Luke.

    Kirk as Han Solo of course and a Chewie tribble (mmm...tasty).

    Even if Princess Leia and Uhura weren't the only girls it would still be a good fit because they are both a little sassy.

Dr. McCoy as C3PO and Scotty as R2D2.  I think Scotty "R2D2" is my favorite of the group!

Sulu as a Rebel Pilot.  Okay I can't decide if I like Scotty or Sulu best but it's definitely one or them!

And a random old school Klingon as Darth Vader (helmet hair!)

Cookies like this are somewhat complicated and time consuming, for me anyway, and I don't really have a tutorial for them but I'll lay the steps out for you.

  • I made a few adjustments to the Star Trek Quogs in Photoshop and then printed them at the actual size the cookies were going to be.  I drew the Star Wars costumes over my printout, traced their general shape to a template and hand cut the cookie dough.  
  • I used my iPad and the Camera Lucida app to take a picture of my drawings and then "project" them onto the cookie to trace.  (you can see a detailed post about drawing with the ipad here)
  • Next I piped over my drawing and filled in the shapes
  • And finally I added all the little details.

For more Star Trek/Star Wars cookie goodness check out these other cookie artists;

Enjoy your weekend and May the Fourth be With You!


  1. Seriously?!?!?! Ohmygosh, Sarah, these are ... FASCINATING.

    Jill FCS

  2. Awesome work!!! Love it

  3. Wow...these are amazing!!! Love your work!!--Katy


  4. Holy Spaceballs!! I love the meshing of these two themes, and you executed the idea so perfectly!! The Scotty R2D2 is probably my favorite, but it is so hard to decide. I love them all!! Thanks so much for the link love too, Sarah. Live long and prosper, and May the 4th be with you!

    1. Thanks Mike, these were so much fun! I love your Jabba tutorial too.

      Everyone be sure to go visit Mike's cookie tutorial for Jabba the Hut;

  5. I just had to type a few words to say I'm speechless!

  6. You hit a home run with these.

  7. Do not ever allow me to meet you in person. I would follow you around like a blubbering idiot. You are my hero!

    1. Are you kidding, I would LOVE to meet you in person! I can assure you I would be doing plenty of blubbering!!

  8. And Uhura/Leia is my favorite. And you. You are my favorite. Oh and did I mention I'm a blubbering idiot...and you're eagerly awaiting May 13th just like me?! This is what hero worship looks like :-)

  9. Oh. My. Goodness!! Incredible! Like SugarBelle said, I've just gone to creepy stalker mode!

  10. Simply fabulous! What a talent you are.

  11. ...and here's hoping the "Geek Civil War" can finally be put to rest! LOL!

    I mean c'mon! Cookies can be MAJOR problem solvers, amirite!


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