New Plaque Cookie Cutters by Klickitat Street

     Today I have my latest cookie cutter designs to share with you in my Etsy shop!   Last year I wrote a post lamenting how I didn't own any pretty plaque cutters so this year I made myself a couple and I made a lot for you! 

    My first plaque cutter is this flower plaque!  I like the idea of adding embellishments to plaque cookies but sometimes piecing shapes together gets tedious especially if you are trying to combine multiple shapes.  So I designed this cutter with little flowers already attached.  At 5 inches wide this large plaque is perfect for making a bold statement in a cookie platter. 

    Of course the flower area isn't limited to flowers.  It would work just as well with snowflakes, leaves, bows or other shapes like these pine boughs.

     If you don't want every cookie to have flowers then it is super easy to use this cutter as a more general plaque.  After cutting the shape simply rotate the cutter and line it up to cut the flowers off cleanly. 

   Next is a slightly smaller plaque cutter.  This plaque is a little narrower than the first, but they are both the same height so they go well together.   I wanted this plaque to be a little whimsical but also sophisticated. I've name this the "Anna" plaque because I have to call it something but I also think it looks like a doll head! 

     Those bumps are just right for some small bows!

     I've also added some large gift tag cookie cutters to the shop.  These cutters are "full size" gift tags at 4 inches tall but can also be rotated and trimmed to make smaller tags as well. 

     I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who supported my last set of gnome cookie cutters!  I love seeing what you are making with them.  You are always invited to share with me by posting on my Facebook wall!



  1. Oooh, I loooove what you did with the minis stamped on the cookies! See, that's why I stalk cookie blogs, there is so much inspiration to be found.
    Thanks Sarah!

  2. Beautiful new plaque cutters and beautifully decorated cookies.

  3. OMG I love the wise men. I will have to try this. Love your work

  4. These are all so nice!! Love the new plaque cutters!


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