Retro Christmas Ornament Cookies

     A few weeks ago Georganne over at LilaLoa posted a challenge to use this amazing color palette in a set of cookies.   I thought the colors had a great retro feel to them and I love the style of retro Christmas Ornaments.   Even though these colors are far from traditional they still work perfectly for Christmas cookies because as long as you use expected Christmas shapes you can use any color palette you like! 

     To cut the ornament cookies I used two cutters from Wal-mart this year.   I love these little ornament cutters and I can see so many things in them.  With just these basic shapes you can make a lot more ornaments just be piecing and trimming the cutters.   For the traditional teardrop shape I used a circle to trim the yellow ornament cutter.  Flip the cutters around and cut again to make something totally different or add a little bit of one to the other for more dimension. For more info on combing cookie cutters click here

     The decorating of these cookies is actually pretty simple.  I worked in sections letting one color dry for a few minutes before I added the one next to it.  Once the base was dry I topped them off with lots of dots and swirls and a sprinkle of sugar for sparkle. 

     No matter how complicated a cookie might look the techniques are the same.  You can see here the details really make the cookies because before adding the dots the cookies are pretty dull.  Don't stress over making things "perfect".  If you look closely you'll see my dots aren't identical and things aren't perfectly straight and even.   It doesn't matter because they still look good and they are just cookies after all!

     The Christmas Season is in full swing and I hope yours is going beautifully!


  1. Sarah I love these!!! Ornament cookies are what hooked me into this crazy craft many, many, many years ago and are always my favorites! I love that you drew on the parchment to imagine the shapes! I have such a hard time combining cutters, I can't wait to try that trick!
    Best wishes to you!!!

  2. miam miam! bravo, magnifique, bises

  3. Love these so much- keep coming back to them!

  4. These are really, really pretty Sarah! I love all the colors.

  5. Love these 'retro' ornaments...they remind me of the ornaments from the 50s. Beautiful colors, too. Thank you for demonstrating how to change the shapes.


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