Introducing Cookie Stencils by Klickitat Street

     This post has been in the works for a long time.   Like a "loooooooong time" as in months and months.   Some family health issues have kept me away from my blog for a while but I'm so happy you've all stayed with me because today I'm announcing an addition to my Etsy shop; cookie stencils!

     Stencils are such a fun and easy way to add extra interest to cookies.  When I first saw them popping up in the cookie-sphere I thought, "I have to do that!"  I've taken special thought in making stencils that would work well for cookie decorating as well as other small crafts like card making  and scrap booking. The overall size of my stencils is about 8.5 x 5.5 with a design area of 5 x 6" so they can also be used to embellish 4 x 6 photos and Project Life cards.  The stencils have wide handles on the sides for easier positioning and lifting and are made from durable, washable plastic that is 7 mil thick (the stencils are clear plastic and any color in the images is just to help with taking photos)
     Most designs are available as a  5.5" square upon request if you prefer to store your stencils all together in a 6" binder.

     I've started out with a few Halloween designs in my Etsy store today so stop by sometime and have a look.  There will be lots more coming every week as well as tutorials and other fun things. 

Thanks so much!


  1. These look great. I'm hoping to get an airbrush after Christmas as I had the opportunity to try one out a week ago and loved it!
    Very glad to see you back! :-)

    Lucy (Honeycat Cookies)

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