Thursday, October 23

Quick and Easy Fall Birds Cookie Tutorial

     These days I am all about quick and easy cookies and I think these birds are just the thing.  I may not get around to making Halloween cookies this year but I used a Halloween cookie cutter to make these little guys and that's kind of the same thing, right?

    I found this little ghost cutter with the Halloween things at Michael's Arts and Crafts a couple of weeks ago. As ghosts go I thought it was a bit strange but I quickly saw that it would make a great bird.  Either those little points are supposed to be the ghosts hands or he is wearing a pirate hat.   Regardless, trim one side off and you have a simple bird.   I particularly like that you can make birds with turned heads from the same cutter!

  1. I started by using a small spatula to scrape on some thick white royal icing for the bird's belly.  The thick icing will rather quickly and I think the texture adds some interest.
  2. After the belly has dried for a few minutes outline the bird's body in whatever color you like. 
  3. Flood-fill the outline.
  4. Allow the flood icing to dry for several hours before adding beaks and a few simple details.
That's all there is to it. Throw in some simple leaves and flowers and you have a cute and easy fall platter!

      I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. I just love these- a great change from the standard side-view birdies!

  2. These Cookies looks so amazing and appealing too. Children will love to have them just because of the shape that you have got. Thanks for the idea.

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