Little Baby Jesus Cookies

     Since I'm just starting to dip my toe into this cookie thing I haven't been doing much Christmas baking.  In fact the only Christmas cookies I did this year were some Christmas minis to go along with a party gift.  They were just basic Christmas shapes but I wanted them to be a little special.  So I thought what I really need is a little baby Jesus. Don't we all :)
I was so happy with how well they turned out!  Here's what you need to make them yourself;
a jelly bean cookie cutter - or something close
peach colored flood icing in a thick consistency
white flood icing in a thick consistency
various piping colors for the details

I'm sure someone must make a jelly bean cookie cutter but I don't own one. Instead I used half a plastic jelly bean from Easter and it worked just fine.  You could also use a moon cutter or a half circle and trim the edges a bit.

Start by outlining and filing the face with the thick peach flood icing.  Let that set up a little bit while you are working on other things.  Come back and fill the rest with white.  Let dry for several hours or overnight.  Add the ears, eyelids and nose in flesh.  Pipe "swaddling" lines in white.

For extra impact add a little hair and a halo.  Now, I think the halo is essential for this desgin because it's a symbol we link instantly with Jesus from art history.  If you're making a lot of Christmas cookies you probably have yellow anyway, but if you don't have yellow I think it's worth mixing just for these cookies.

Don't let your Holiday get so busy you forget the true Reason for the Season.

Here's wishing you a Merry and Joyful Christmas!


  1. All your work is fantastic!!!! Congrats!
    Hugs from Spain,

  2. this is just incredible. So much talent

  3. Love this idea! Very precious.
    We carry a jelly bean cutter and this
    would be a perfect use for it!!
    Jamie (

  4. I just LOVE this!

    I've been looking around your blog and you have an amzazing eye, to be able see so many different cookies with a variety of cutters!

    So creative and talented!

  5. Thank you for this! I have a book "A Gift for Santa" and I'm creating Kingdom Parties for children this Christmas. I'm sharing this page on my website and Facebook page for people hosting parties. This is so adorable and perfect!


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