St. Patrick's Day Cookies from a Cupcake Cutter

  A few days ago I was thinking about St Patrick's Day coming up and thought I'd do something easy and use a cupcake cutter to make rainbows.  Nice, simple, happy rainbows.  But then I saw all kinds of other things you could do with a cupcake cutter for St. Patrick's Day and I just had to make them too.

Of course you must have leprechauns and their hats can never be too big!

And the rainbows, in case you missed them;

Frothy glasses of beer....

...hmmm I'm not sure how well they work actually.  But you could always take my Christmas Latte Cookies, which were also made from a cupcake cutter, and make them into tall glasses of beer.. 

    Or just throw everything together and call it good!

    After all that the leprechauns will need a little place to rest;

And would you believe it, I still have something else planned with these!  hehehe...
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. absolutely precious work and I love the alternate use for the cupcake cutter!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are so creative and the cookies are beautiful!

  3. The beer mugs TOTALLY WORK!!! I can almost hear the "clink" and "prost"!

  4. That leprechaun tossing his gold coins is about the cutest thing ever. Again, I applaud you on your originality!

  5. Your ideas and technique are just wonderful!
    You have a new follower :D
    Regards from Uruguay

  6. Hi Sarah - I wanted to stop by and thank you for sharing how to use a cupcake for making a rainbow with clouds. I've been wanting to make a rainbow with clouds for a few weeks and thought I'd have to go buy a cutter for it. Love your blog.


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